How I Spent My Holiday

Yesterday was a holiday for me since our company follows US holidays. It has been a long time since my brother and I went out to bond (our bonding means going to cafes and food parks to take pictures), so we decided to spend the afternoon in Antipolo.

How we got there:

  • We rode a jeep (Antipolo Sumulong) and told the driver to drop us off at Ynares Center.
  • It’s only a ten-minute walk from there. The landmark is the food park itself.

Originally, we only planned to go to Little House of Cheesecakes and More until we found that there was a new food park just across it.

Since I was on a diet, I just watched my little brother ate the chocolate chip pancake , which he didn’t like, and drank the Oreo riot milkshake. The whole order costs less than Php 350.00.

After, we crossed the street and went to Parktown Food Hub. We guessed it was a basketball court before because of the markings on the floor. The food hub was well-decorated, and there were many food stalls to choose from. Since we came from a cafe, we craved for salty food and ordered chicken pesto (Php 140.00), burger and fries (Php 150.00), and an iced tea (Php 55.00).

It was a day well-spent, even thought I just watched my little brother eating. I just hope we could extend the holidays.

What are your thoughts?

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