Love You to the Stars and Back (Movie)

WARNING: Spoiler alert.

This blog is now long overdue since I watched the movie last Monday. Ha! Listed below are the things I liked and what should be improved about the film.


  1. Cherry Pie Picache was the “most normal” person in the film. She was giving the right reactions as a mother hearing her son thanking him for everything.
  2. I hope the brother can self-multiply. He’s the sibling we all want to have.
  3. Their chemistry was too good that you would want to go back to high school or college and just ask your crush out for an adventure. They are too adorable. I’m looking forward to their next films together.
  4. I think there wasn’t enough justice to Mika’s mother. The motivation faded by the end of the film.


  1. The premise was interesting.
  2.  ‌My favorite scene was Caloy pushing Mika away. It was very human of him to ask the question, “Bakit, nagagalit ka dahil sinisigawan ko Diyos mo?” (Not sure if these were his exact words.) I can feel his struggle, suffering, and surrender. Their acting here was very effective. I didn’t know what hurt me more: Mika’s “No, I am just here even if you push me away because I know you need me and no one else is here” attitude or Caloy’s “You will never understand how I feel. You’re not in my shoes anyway. You care because you’re not the one who’s suffering” way of thinking. Either way, both feelings—in between selfish and selfless—are accepted.
  3. The title of the movie needs more impact (at least to me) and more connection to the story.
  4. The prom scene was odd. It can be omitted without any loss in the film. I guess they wanted to insert a scene where Caloy can say, “Kung gusto mo siya, gusto mo siya. Kahit ipagtabuyan ka niya o di mo siya kilala. Kung gusto mo siya, gusto mo siya.” Or for extra kilig?‌


  1. I love how Ms. Jadaone includes lines and scenes that reflect the average individual (fart scenes haha).‌
  2. There were “unnatural” dialogues, but I guess it was intended for the audience to have a background on Caloy’s family problems.

As you see, I have mixed feelings about the film. But then again, we should set aside the “one day pa lang kayo nagkikita, naglalandian na kayo!” argument. In Mika’s words, “Walang impusible.” Never doubt the power of connection and fate (and extroversion). There are individuals who are just put together by the red string of fate, and we have to accept that.

What are your thoughts?

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