Hugot KTV

I saw Hugot KTV in Facebook, and I thought it would be nice to go there with friends, especially those who carry hugots with them.

Place and KTV room:

It was not as big as I thought it would be, but overall, it was nice. We enjoyed taking pictures with the hugot placards. Our discovery: the “very used placard” award goes to “Hi, ako nga pala yung sinayang mo.” (Truth is, we really went for this. Haha!)

Our room had no lock though, so we heard others’ singing voices. I wanted to take a picture with Jackie Chan’s WTF meme, but sadly, we weren’t assigned to that room.

Food and cost:

We ordered two sizzling sisig plates (that’s Php 108.00 per plate) and a bucket (five bottles) of San Mig Light that cost Php 285.00.

It was Php 35.00 per hour per head, but you still have to stay there for a minimum of two hours. We stayed there for 2.5, but it was rounded up to three. The room, including the food, cost us Php 885.00.

How to go there:

For us living in the east, just take a ride to Tropical and cross the bridge toward Mayor Gil Fernando Ave. We preferred to walk, but you could also take a tricycle.

What are your thoughts?

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