IT (Movie)

I have no words for this film. It literally took my voice away.

Okay, maybe not.


  1. This is a point of view of a person who hasn’t read the book.
  2. Spoiler alert

I watched it last Monday (and I am writing this down while commuting), but Pennywise’s face is still embedded on my mind. I’d be one of his easy victims, I’d say.

Clowns are scary; killer clowns are scarier. I never liked jump scares, even in real life, but this film was a breath of fresh air from all the rom-com and the action films I usually watch.


  1. All the crawling Pennywise scenes scared the hell out of me. The whole cinema could attest to that. Haha! I was the only one screaming my lungs out. I don’t even know if they just weren’t scared or they already screamed “through me.” I vividly remember how my seat almost ate me and how someone laughed when my scream was louder than the film.
  2. A film that emphasizes different fears—really interesting. I’m particularly interested with the girl.
  3. However, I have a problem with the “Beverly is taken” scene. She was reduced to a damsel in distress, whereas she appeared to have a very strong and independent personality in the first scenes.
  4. The most important lesson here is to hold your friend’s hand wherever you go because a killer clown will take advantage of any space between you. Haha.
  5. The only unsatisfactory scene was the ending. Somehow, I expected it to show a sneak peak of the second part.
  6. Hooray for waiting for 27 years. That was iconic..

What are your thoughts?

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