Beautiful Murals in BGC

First, I am so lucky to meet and be friends with someone who has the same hobby as me. (Hi, Ela!) I used to be ashamed of posing in murals, cafes, and other good places, afraid to be judged by other people. But now I realized that I should care less about it and go after what I really want to do or else I’d be regretting in the end. I’m not hurting anyone by doing what I love anyway.

Second, let me tell you that BGC has a lot of beautiful murals. If you’re an Instagrammer and a mural fan, going here is definitely worth it.

Third, we were supposed to go to the 38th MIBF, but I woke up late. (I am sorry, readers . . . and the books that I promised to buy myself.)

What are your thoughts?

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