“I Told You So”

I’m sure most—if not all—who voted for Du30 are now regretting it. So while it’s very satisfying to say, “I told you so,” please refrain from doing it.

We all want a peaceful country where all our rights are protected. Most of us voted FOR the country. They were blinded by “Fight me, China” words, his “I’ll make you feel that I’m your kabarkada-next-door” personality, his “after six months, the war on drugs will be over” promises. I almost voted for him and only took note of his accomplishments as a mayor in Davao but set aside other factors. I was privileged to be enlightened by a few colleagues through a series of discussions. For others, sadly, their only venue for discourse is Facebook.

Eh binoto nila eh. Suffer the consequences.” They are already suffering the consequences—that’s why they are regretting it. It’s very tempting to say, “I told you so,” but it doesn’t help them at all. They only blame themselves. I mean, seriously, we all know how “guilt” feels. It’s depressing; it’s poisonous. Why would a decent person want anyone to feel that? To feed their ego?

We need to help—not destroy—one another. Is it really that difficult to be good nowadays?

3 thoughts on ““I Told You So”

  1. True. Kaya nga next time, I should be more wise. Masyado rin akong bata pa sa isip no’ng time na ‘yon at wala pang gaanong alam. Kaya sa susunod na election ay mas prepared na ako, mas handa.
    Thank you rin (ulit) sa pag-share nito. I am hoping to meet more people like you personal man or online. I think the world would be more peaceful kung lahat ay willing makinig at umintindi.

    Yays! Cheers!

    (Super late na ng reply ko haha)


  2. i am one of those who voted him, pero hindi pa man nagtatagal mula nang maging presidente siya, i already regretted why i have voted for him. mas makakaya pa yatang dalhin ng konsensya ko kung iba iyong binoto ko instead of him. pakiramdam ko kasi isa ako sa mga pumatay sa mga namatay magmula nang maupo siya sa pwesto. because i voted for him. i gave him my “support” back then. i am so mad at him, because of what he is doing in our country, and that he has fooled me, and i am also mad at myself, because really, if i was just smart enough, i must have seen this happening. having anxiety and depression didn’t help at all. i am thinking i have failed being a filipino. that i am a failure.

    the very thing that makes me fine was the thought that there are others who voted for him, too. that my one vote didn’t really had an impact. na masyadong malayo iyong bilang ng boto niya kumpara sa iba. that comforts me…somehow.

    but thank you for this. it lifted up my spirit. that even if i voted for him, i can still do something for our country right now. thank you, because i know there is someone who will not point me out for being one of those who brought this chaos. i cried upon reading this post, and while i am making this comment. siguro masyado akong oa, but thank you. just…thank you. you didn’t know how you make me feel. thank you.


    1. 1. Your vote had an impact. Sabi nga, “Every vote counts.”
      2. Thank you for sharing your sentiments. It must be really hard for you to see that the change you wanted to see didn’t come. Looking at a candidate’s platform is easy, but seeing their true intentions is tough. It’s a lesson we must all remember.
      3. You’re welcome. There are people who understand, listen, and comfort. I’m glad that my post made you feel better.
      4. To a better Philippines, cheers. 🥂

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