I Love You, Thank You (Movie)

“You can go after anyone you want, but not everyone is worth the chase.” —Tang’s Grandpa

What I love about I Love You, Thank You is how each character had a different take on love. As I’ve said before, one cannot say what love is and what love is not. We define love differently, but we must remember that love is always pure. We are not hurt by love; we are hurt by people.


Warning: Spoiler alert. Don’t read the text below if you haven’t watched the film yet.

  1. I can compare myself closest to Paul—the one who loves and waits silently, the one who chases after love, but the one who is also afraid of it.
  2. I love Tang the most, though. (Why do we like guys who love wholeheartedly but aren’t loved back anyway?) My heart goes for him.
  3. Here are some other hugot lines from the film, wherein everyone who loved too much could relate:
    • “Who goes through more pain—the one who went away or the one who is left behind?”
    • Bakit ba pinaparamdam mo sa akin na mas mahal kita kesa sa mahal mo ako?
    • “You keep lingering on the pain.” “Because pain is addicting.”
    • “Our memories will last longer than our love.”
    • “I believe in love. I just don’t believe in people who feel it.”
    • “May dalawang klase ng tao sa mundo: ang nagmamasid at minamasdan.”
    • Bakit ka naman mag boboyfriend kung di mo mahal? At di porket mahal mo magiging boyfriend mo na.
    • “The thing about being left behind is wondering where you went wrong.”
    • “I can fall in love with you a thousand times all over if you ask me to, but I know you won’t.”
  4. I hope people won’t look at it as a gay film alone. It’s a love story anyone could relate to.

What are your thoughts?

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