Respeto (Movie)

Respeto was so good yet so disturbing. This is definitely one of the movies that kept me wanting more. Or maybe, the ending was as good as it is; I just didn’t want to accept that ending.

However, as a fan of satisfying endings, I’d say this is not satisfying. The whole film’s least purpose was to satisfy the viewer. I shout for justice. I want justice.

Warning: Spoiler alert. Please don’t read the text below if you haven’t watched the film.


  1. Doc is my favorite character. Most of us will love him.
  2. Hendrix, on the other hand, I’m not sure what to feel. I am having my privilege checked, but there are scenes where “privilege” isn’t even involved. He is our dark side we fear—hungry for acceptance, hungry for acknowledgment. He makes wrong decisions, worsening his situation. There’s this almost “character” build up—but damn—why should it end that way?
  3. At the start, I liked Breezy G. He seemed to be the bad-ass gang leader with good intentions ala-GTO. He almost got me in his “Magnanakaw ka na nga lang, sa matanda pa?” Again, almost.
  4. But of course, who would even love Mando?

Plot, scenes, dialogues:

  1. Timely. Too timely.
  2. We were debating about the goal of the film. We knew it was more than checking our privilege. It was not only about Hendrix’s cowardice and hunger for acceptance. The parallelism was there to see: Balagtasan and Bersos, Doc being unable to do anything for his wife and Hendrix just watching Candy, Martial law and the war on drugs, and Doc’s and Hendrix’s choice on the policeman who ruined their lives. It tells how history repeats itself—becomes much worse, actually.
  3. I came out of the cinema angry. There was no justice for Candy, Breezy G still conquered Bersos, Hendrix didn’t get the fame he wanted, when everything was almost okay . . . they died. Damn, who wouldn’t go out of the cinema, screaming for justice?


  1. The acting is very natural, very similar to real life. It made the film more effective.
  2. My, oh my! I was so happy to see Fliptop rappers participating in this movie.
  3. Listen to Chai Fonacier singing. Please let me know the title of her song.

What are your thoughts?

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