Last Night (movie)

Look at that poster. The framing is so beautiful—simple yet impactful. It gracefully hides something somewhere—in the walls, in the space between them, and in the lamp above Piolo.

WARNING: Spoiler alert. Only read this if you have watched the film.

  1. ‌I don’t know much about film terms, but I know I’ve never seen such a “mainstream” film with that cinematography. The framing for each scene is just as perfect as the color palette they used.
  2. In relation to number 1, the film captured the beauty of Manila. Who could find beauty in a shot with Pasig River in it? After this, many will definitely see The Den and and the Luneta Hotel.
  3. ‌I love films with trailers that don’t give away too much of the film or, perhaps, misdirect it to surprise the viewers.
  4. Films that talk about social issues are rare.
  5. I tried to search suicide incidents that happened in Jones Bridge. It would be interesting if there were. (Just curious about stats.)
  6. Is there such thing as arousal because of symmetry?
  7. ‌I love titles that portray different meanings. Last Night can be viewed in two ways: kagabi and huling gabi.
  8. ‌While I understand that it’s part of Carmina’s personality, I think she overacted some scenes and talked too much in one vital scene that it almost lost it’s impact.
  9. You got to love shaved Piolo.
  10. ‌Visual effects needed to improve, especially for the “underwater people” scene.” The rest was okay. I was a bit nanghinayang here because, as I said in my first point, the cinematography was done well. I know that it’s difficult to apply visual effects, and I appreciate their work, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.
  11. They subtly mentioned about martial law. I find pride that directors and writers alike help, even subtly, in educating the people about it.
  12. ‌Silent Sanctuary almost hit the spot.
  13. Their conversations about heaven made me go hmm.
  14. This made me a fan of Bela Padilla—actress, singer, writer.
  15. Unfortunately, this didn’t make me “look at life differently,” but I’m glad that this film inspired many people.

What are your thoughts?

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