Playing with Neon at Filling Station Bar Cafe

Filling Station Bar Cafe is located in Poblacion, Makati. Unfortunately, DSLRs aren’t allowed, but we were able to take one picture before we were reprimanded (I asked beforehand in their FB page if DSLRs were allowed, and they said yes as long as it was for personal use). But anyway, I was there for the experience anyway, so I didn’t mind taking pictures with my cell phone.

DSLR Pictures (outside the restaurant)

DSLR Picture (inside the restaurant)

Cell Phone Pictures


If you want to go to places reminiscent of the retro and vintage fifties, this is one of the places you should try. We went at around 7:00 PM, and luckily, the diner wasn’t full yet. Their food is gold though (we spent like 1,400 plus on the food), but you won’t go home unsatisfied.

We ordered Sinatra’s chicken alfredo, Mexican style burger (which had an American flag on it LOL), and the four-in-one starter that contained lumpia rolls, onion rings, calamares, potatoes, and chicken wings. We should have thought that this was an American-inspired diner, so they had huge servings. I even wanted to order strawberry parfait, but my stomach could not take it anymore.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take too many pictures because I was so full that I wanted to sleep my fats away. And yes, “sleeping my fat away” meant that I had to take more pictures inside Lokal Hostel. LOL.


What are your thoughts?

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