Halloween Party

It was my first time to attend a Halloween Party but not the first costume party. We were asked to portray a music artist, and I was supposed to pick Halsey,  but I can’t imitate her fashion with justice (because . . . abs).

So I researched about a music artist who puts on doll dresses since I have many of them at home. And voila, I got Melanie Martinez.


  • Pink wig from Sathura (Half was colored with black acrylic paint. The color faded after washing, but it still looked descent, much like gray with purple highlights.)
  • Jumper dress from SM Megamall
  • Shoes from Wade (or any platform shoes will do)
  • Socks with lace and accessories from SM Kids
  • A creepy doll

I loved her music videos. “Pastel on the outside, but dark in the inside”— much like me. Try to watch her music videos, and see how bizarre they are. My favorite song of hers is Dollhouse.

Places, places, get on your places
Throw on your dress, and put on your doll faces
Everyone thinks that we’re perfect
Please don’t let them look through the curtains

I’m also posting my favorite shots of my officemates here because just look how gorgeous they are.

What are your thoughts?

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