Bad Genius (Movie)

Please watch this film.

Warning: Spoiler alert.

The trailer of the film intrigued me. Who would ever make a film from an unlikely topic such as taking a test?

As a former teacher, I condemn cheating in the classroom. Grades should not be just numbers. They should reflect the student’s study habits and grasp of knowledge—but that should not stop there. Grades are noted so a teacher would know the strengths, weaknesses, limitations, and other capabilities of a student and use it to encourage him/her.

I was a “grade conscious” when I was in high school, so I didn’t let anyone copy my exams. Bad Genius gave a new viewpoint, so I was really interested and invested.

  1. Plot, cinematography, characters: Terrific.
  2. Have you ever watched an anime wherein a cup falls then everything slows down, like the scene seems to be the climax of the episode? Oh god, the movie has a lot of this. Everything was so intense!
  3. I applaud the director and the scriptwriter. Imagine seeing a movie about students taking an exam . . .
  4. I love how the characters had unique “roles” and, of course, the “switching” of personalities.
  5. Just an observation: the math questions were easy. I miss taking math exams.
  6. I still needed justice for the “tea money.”
  7. I became more intrigued that that it was based from true-to-life events. Here’s the link.

What are your thoughts?

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