Tagaytay Escapade

Tagaytay is a popular town in Cavite, known for its climate and overlooking view of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. We planned to go to at least six restaurants and even at Sky Ranch, but two days were not enough.

We took a bus going to Nasugbu in Pasay, and then we were dropped off near Olivarez—I’m not sure actually. Haha! But we relied on Google Maps to find our first destination. The fair cost Php 95.00.

Ayala Malls Serin

We passed by Ayala Malls Serin, so we decided to have a peek. There was a bazaar outside, but we were not into buying souvenirs yet.

Bag of Beans Athena

Around one in the afternoon, we decided to eat lunch at Bag of Beans. I was targeting the main branch, but the Athena branch was nearer. It was just a fifteen-minute walk from where we were dropped off.

The food was average. The waitress said that their bestseller for pasta contained seafood, so I just ordered what was “safe” for me.

Pasta with Garlic Mushroom (Php 330.00); Cookies and Cream (Php 160.00); Frozen Chocolate (Php 135.00); Baby Back Ribs (Php 475.00)

Lake Hotel Tagaytay

Next we went to our hotel and dropped our bags. It was disappointing, though. We were after the infinity pool, but everything was under renovation. I just hoped they mentioned what was being renovated so their customers wouldn’t be too disappointed (so that was why the room was cheaper than usual).

However, we admit that we didn’t research well. We just booked the cheapest hotel with an infinity pool. We didn’t even check the number of beds our room had.

The breakfast food was below average. I liked their pancakes, though.

Breakfast at Lake Hotel Tagaytay

Dreamland Arts and Cafe

At around five, we went to Dreamland Arts and Cafe. From our hotel, we rode a jeep to Olivarez (Php 8.00) and walked toward there. It was just a five-minute walk; we saw the place immediately since the lights were already on.

We took pictures of the place and enjoyed its aesthetics for about ten minutes, and then we found a table. Contrary to the usual complaint, our food was served after only five minutes of waiting.

Sansdreamval (Php 150.00); Choco Loco Frappe (Php 220.00); Tsokolateng Batanguena (Php 120.00); Indie Wings of Love (Php 200.00)

I loved the food here, definitely a 10/10!

Picnic Grove

The next day, we went to Picnic Grove to have a taste of the usual “Tagaytay.” From our hotel, we rode a jeep to Olivarez (Php 8.00) and then a tricycle to Picnic Grove (Php 80.00). Damn, the tricycles rides were really expensive.

The zoo really freaked me out, though. Everyone knows I am not into zoos, but we decided to enter for the turtle.

Cafe Voi La

We took a tricycle from Picnic Grove to Crosswinds (Php 60.00) to visit Cafe Voi La. We were still full from our breakfast, so we only had a light (or not) meal.

The salted caramel cheesecake is a must-buy. Every bit of the cake melted in my mouth. If I was not full, I would have tasted their other cakes.

Their waiters were also very accommodating.

The place had Asian vibes. I loved the colorful hanging Chinese lanterns. Definitely a place I’d like to go to again.

We bought espasol as pasalubong for our family members then went to Ayala Triangle in Makati. And this is me, wondering when to go back to Tagaytay and where to go next time.

What are your thoughts?

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