Thor: Ragnarok (Movie)

Warning: Spoiler alert.

I only have a few comments for Thor: Ragnarok since I already lost the momentum after suspending my reaction for a week. Overall, it was a good action – comedy – fantasy – sci fi movie. My father even liked it even though he was not able to watch Thor and Thor: The Dark World.

  1. Look at those posters. I can’t even choose which one to include in this blog.
  2. Was Thor really that funny?
  3. Doctor Strange got my ovaries exploding. He’s the epitome of coolness.
  4. I don’t know what to feel about Loki being humorous. In The Avengers and Thor, he portrayed a mischievous and ambitious—not to mention sexy—villain. Of course I understand how he got weaker for every new film since a more powerful villain shows up. Maybe I’m not used to seeing a funny Loki, but I must admit, it was refreshing.
  5. Cate Blanchett was perfect for Hela. Although some Marvel geeks might question her origins in the film. I have quite accepted that Marvel family trees are changed in the movies.
  6. Hela was one hell of a villain. What do we expect from the goddess of death? She killed it. And again, I say, Cate portrayed Hela’s role really well.
  7. Maybe I liked her because of Fenris. You know, an effective villain plus a wolf . . . definitely adorable.
  8. Although he only said a few lines, Idris Elba is effective as Heimdall.
  9. My favorite scene in terms of aesthetics was Valkyrians fighting Hela. That scene is so pleasing to the eyes.
  10. Funniest lines in the movie are stated by Loki. “I’ve been falling . . . for . . . thirty . . . minutes!” and “Yes! That’s how it feels!”

What are your thoughts?

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