Kantorini Food Park and Touchdown: UP EdCirc’s Alumnight 2017

We shopped for clothes for the event, but I ended up with the dress I brought along with me because (1) I don’t have money anymore and (2) there weren’t inexpensive good clothes in Estancia (or maybe I was just not too enthusiastic in finding one).

I think one-fourth of our day was spent in waiting for our Grab taxi (because our driver had so many stopovers but we were too lazy to cancel and find another one) and sitting inside the car because of the heavy traffic along Katipunan.

We stopped by Kantorini Food Park, a food park inspired by Greek’s Santorini. There were only a few people when we arrived since it just opened (it opens at four in the afternoon).

One thing I like about food parks is the variety of food. But since I knew we were about to get full in the dinner prepared by our org, I only ordered mango cheesecake bingsu. And to whoever created this saliva-dripping dessert, thank you. I usually don’t order desserts that don’t have “cookies and cream” on them, but this one’s an exception. ARE THE CUBES CHEESE? That’s the best thing ever.

Then we went to Sangkalan Grill and Restaurant for my beloved organization’s Alumnight. Alumnight is a night for our org’s alumni. And as trivia for new UP EdCirc’s members, it was first launched in 2011 in Jollibee Philcoa (we all wore casual clothes), headed by then Vice President for External Affairs Committee, (ate) Nikka Marie Cancer. The first themed Alumnight happened the following year (cocktail), and it was headed by (ate) Ruby Tugano, a member of the External Affairs Committee.

I was  overwhelmed with the activeness of the resident members. Look at how alive the org is:

And because of our organization loves to do SWOT analysis, let me do it here as well (more detailed than the one in Instagram).


  • I think this is the Alumnight that had the most number of alumni ever since I became an alumna.
  • I am also proud of this bunch since they were able to contact the founding members, but as they stated, they were residing in the United States already.
  • The venue was appropriate for the number of people.
  • The food was great.
  • The host, Ate Alma, knows how host (no time for awkward silence).
  • Some of the resident active members really made an effort to get close to the alumni.
  • The Marketing and Finance committee’s income-generating project was sudden but effective.


  • Time management. I was surprised that we still had a game at eleven in the evening.


  • I hope they would be able to get more alumni next time.
  • Venue design could be more theme appropriate.
  • Lesser (at most two, maybe?) but “magis” presentations.


  • The projector was having its time of the month. HAHA.

Let me just say that I’m so proud of my org since it reached and stayed alive and kicking for thirty years.

What are your thoughts?

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