On Miss Universe

I was about to retweet the Miss Universe hashtag for our representative but saw her opinion regarding giving Mocha Uson a chance. So sorry, I won’t vote for her (but I won’t vote for anyone either).

It has been more than a year. There are clearly pieces of evidence of human rights abuse, but their camp ignores the state of EJKs in our country, devalues our due process, and spreads “fake news.” Is that the “best decision” our president can give?

But of course, I respect the decision of Rachel’s supporters, whatever their political views are. I just hope that those who didn’t agree with her statement just simply “don’t agree.” We don’t have to switch our votes to Thailand or tell other people not to vote for her. (That’s so immature, honestly.)

The only reason I could think about when I see such division is, as I always say, people get fully emotional when it comes to things they are passionate about.

What are your thoughts?

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