The Yard Underground

The Yard is a food park near Kapitolyo. If you feel that the restaurants in Kapitolyo are expensive, this might be your go-to place. Like most food parks, there are a lot of choices. I love the the vibrant colors and the variety of food stalls (I really had a hard time choosing what dessert to eat).

I ordered sisig from Sassas Chicharronia, but I am not fond of food with too much onion. What made me salivate was the oreo rolls from Frost at the second floor of The Yard.

I am going back for The Lost Bread and Phat Boys. I’m excited to try all desserts in one night, but I know I’ll end up bloated, so I decided to try them one at a time.

I had been to The Yard in Quezon City, so I could say that I like The Yard Underground more, or maybe I’m just lucky because it was a weekday night, so there weren’t too many people. When it rained around eight-thirty in the evening, we decided to leave the place already.

Again, just to reiterate, I’m going back for the The Lost Bread and Phat Boys.


What are your thoughts?

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