Smaller and Smaller Circles (Movie)

I did not think twice to watch Smaller and Smaller Circles after seeing the trailer. I haven’t read the award-winning book yet, but I know that the movie adaptation will be a success.

Warning: Spoiler Alert

  1. Smaller and Smaller Circles lived up to its title. It’s not your typical mystery story where the suspect is within reach, or say, “within the circle.”
  2. I’ve always adored Nonie Buencamino for his superb acting. I wanted to cheer with him during his encounters with the cardinal and the sponsor.
  3. Speaking of their encounters with authority, this film captured the hypocrisy of everything I hated to debate about: the Catholic church and the government. Take note of how many times the priests had to suffer the “Choose your battles” argument and the inefficiency of the police officers and the government officials who only take action when something worse comes. (The enemy that is bureaucracy.)
  4. Carla Humphries played her role in the film well. While I’ve read news about her taking a rest from show business because “it seemed the industry wasn’t fit for her,” her appearance in SASC made me think that maybe this would open doors. I hope she’d start to appear in indie films.
  5. SASC had a bomb cast. Christopher De Leon, Bembol Roco . . . I wanted more of them.
  6. “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned” and “Jesuit priests are getting cuter these days” as soon as Father Jerome (Sid Lucero) and Father Emil (Jess Mendoza) enter the screen . . .
  7. The symbolic murder amazed (and disturbed) me. We’ve lived through these years, knowing (but not accepting) that people who can kill for money and revenge exists. I could not say he was avenging himself since the victims were innocents, not even related to his tragic experience; nor was he killing for money. He was, in fact, trying to prove a point.

After watching the film, all I said was, “We need more films like this.” I wanted more of Bliss, Respeto, and Patay na si Hesus. I was glad that I watched it before it was taken out. My call to my fellow moviegoers: please watch it when you have the chance, maybe not in malls but during film fests.

What are your thoughts?

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