Ang Larawan (Movie)

Ang Larawan is a film with a vision. A star-studded film. A refreshing musical.

  1.  I hope that we would patronize our own musicals as much as we look forward to see La La Land and Pitch Perfect.
  2. The acting was superb. Really, really superb. Who would argue against Ms. Joanna Ampil’s win?
  3. Look out for the cameos.
  4. Metaphors were used well, and one must look deeper to understand them.
  5. Some of the slow-mos were awkward though.
  6. Who would have thought that “Umiiyak ka ba?” would be the funniest line in a movie?
  7. All gave me goosebumps, but my favorite would be the last “Kay Sarap Ng Buhay Nu’ng Araw,” a duet by Rachel Alejandro and Joanna Ampil.

Please watch Ang Larawan while it’s still in cinemas.

What are your thoughts?

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