First Fight

WARNING: a childish rant

I was working peacefully when the doorbell rang. It was from the water company. Of course I had no bra because I was at home, so I had to put a jacket on, and then I realized that I had no money to pay for it.

I called for my elder brother, and he was mad already; maybe he woke at the wrong side of the bed. After this water business, he went upstairs, and I continued to work again. Mind you, I was fucking working.

After several minutes, my parents came. Yago became too excited and rushed to door, unexpecting Spark—our other pet dog. Spark bit Yago furiously, and of course I panicked, screaming and shouting. One, I was trying to stop the two of them while trying not to be bitten and shouting for my elder brother to come downstairs. It took him fucking five minutes to go down, and the dogs were still killing each other.

He was against me, saying that I shouldn’t have shouted like that because the neighbors could hear me scream.

One, it was fucking natural to panic in a state where I didn’t know what to do, especially when my precious dog was about to die. I might be exaggerating, but I was too worried.

Two, in a state of panic, do you seriously need to ask for the neighbor’s opinion? Seriously! Fuck that thinking! Nakakahiya sa kapitbahay. What was fucking embarrassing? I who was shouting for help?

Worse was my parents reprimanded me for not cleaning the house. I was working for hell’s sake! Did they think I was in front of the computer for nothing? They knew my work!

Now I’m off somewhere else, somewhere far from stress. I’m cursing a lot right now, not understanding why they blame me for a natural reaction.

What are your thoughts?

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