Pitch Perfect 3 (Movie)

Pitch Perfect 3 is all about moving forward. All of them deserved good endings—a new family, a new romantic interest, further studies, a growing business, a reconciliation, a new life, a career shift, a level-up—and it was portrayed well in the movie.

WARNING: Spoiler alert

  1. It was very aca-awesome. I really missed these pitches.
  2. Them missing The Bellas is me missing my college org.
  3. Amy’s acting was aca-awkward. Something lacked, or maybe I was just not comfortable with her acting seriously. Aubrey’s was too, but hers was more tolerable.
  4. The dad story line was a little forced. Was it for added humor? Or to flesh out Amy?
  5. It was a good choice not to continue Theo as Bella’s new love interest. (I mean, c’mon. We loved Jesse.)
  6. I still like Jesse. But after reading some articles, I understand the director’s viewpoint. Since this is the last movie, it should all be about the Bellas and them moving forward.
  7. What I liked most about Pitch Perfect 3 was the songs (and the Bellas singing these songs). They went back from what made the first movie remarkable and outstanding.
  8. It was funny. Amy still keeps on making inappropriate jokes, and I’m quite disturbed why we—including I—find it funny. “Comedy is riding on the edge of what is allowable and what is not allowable, and pushing that makes it funny.” Still, a discussion point.
  9. Contrary to the first two films, Jessica and Ashley were more visible by making them somewhat invisible in the movie.
  10. Ester and her voice! I love her so much.
  11. When and where do they practice their choreography though? How can they practice and memorize all those dances in a span of three weeks?

What are your thoughts?

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