Taste Sweetness at the Dessert Museum

The most awaited Dessert Museum located inside Conrad Hotel opened last February 10, 2018. Every dessert lover had been waiting for this, and you could all hear us say, “This museum is made for me.”

I won’t go much into details, maybe just a glimpse of what to see. The instagrammable museum is composed of eight rooms, each wittingly representing a dessert.

Room 1. Doughnut Room

  • hanging fuchsia doughnuts!
  • sadly, no free doughnut
  • wasn’t able to take a picture outside the doughnut room with the famous sign, “Donut Judge My Diet”

Room 2. Marshmallow Room

  • free marshmallow that you can deep in one of the three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and caramel
  • hanging marshmallows
  • wasn’t able to take a picture near the rainbow

Room 3. Candy Room

  • I’m not actually sure if it’s just a “candy room” or a “chocolate room” or a “candy cane room.”
  • My OOTD is based from this room.
  • We should be allowed to stay in this room for 30 minutes, and maybe decrease the time allotted in the doughnut room. There are too much to see in this room, and 20 minutes are not enough.
  • Wasn’t able to taste the freebie because time was really short

Room 4. Ice Cream Room

  • Favorite dessert
  • Free ice cream (cookies and cream ice cream!)

Room 5. Bubblegum Room

  • enjoyed playing with all the floating balloons inside the big gumball machine
  • a bubble generator

Room 6. Gummy Bear Room

  • free gummy bears
  • large bear displays
  • bathtubs filled with toys

Room 7. Cotton Candy Room

  • favorite room
  • free cotton candy
  • pink everywhere

Room 8. Choco Lollipops

  • free choco lollipops
  • play basketball inside

I enjoyed the Dessert Museum so much. I hoped to see a cake room, though. (Or was that a part of the Choco Lollipop Room?) I’ll go here again and take pictures from all corners.

Thank you, the Dessert Museum, for a fun-filled (sweet) experience. I’m sure you made all dessert lovers (and their Instagram feeds) happy and full. See you again!

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