Stealing Words

In this social-media-oriented society, stealing words from other people has become easy. Yes, putting the author’s name or the source—if the author is anonymous—takes time and characters, but it’s respectful.

Wala lang. Maybe I’m kind of triggered with a repost of a friend. It wasn’t quoted, the author was not indicated, but it seemed familiar. True enough, when I researched it, the quote already existed and had been reposted in Tumblr before.

Maybe this is why I only post “quotes,” more often than not, from profiles such as the Artidote. They have so much respect for the artist and the author that they include them in their post, no matter the length. They did not only gain followers because of their deep, well-written anecdotes and quotes but also gave the original author and artist their worthy exposure.

Let’s not be self-serving. As Samuel Adams said, “Give credit where credit is due.”

One thought on “Stealing Words

  1. Aside from the absence of proper crediting on the internet, there’s also a problem of misquotation and misattribution. Yes, this is a problem even way before the advent of the web. However, the ease of disseminating information on the web has also facilitated the distribution of inaccurate facts to a larger audience.

    It’s unfortunate but it’s clear that this is were we are heading now.

    People on social media mindlessly copy paste anything that they see on the net that fancy them. They won’t consider to research their origins now. And even if they do, many people’s mean of research is now only “googling”. And as any researcher will tell you, only using Google for research is superficial. Also, they’d probably find wrong attributions anyway…

    Anyway, the sentiment behind Adam’s quote is quite old. For example, in Romans 13:7 (King James version):

    Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour

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