Muting, Unfollowing, Blocking

Question: Hi. When do you think it’s proper to mute, unfollow, or block a person?


  • when you still want to get in touch with a person but at one point became annoying, like one day, you’ll be doing nothing and then think of this person again


  • when you feel that they have gone too far and their posts are too toxic (especially when it comes to principles I firmly believe in, e.g., LGBT rights); I won’t mind unfollowing a person for that matter
  • any person whom you don’t know personally, like one day you find out that you’re not gaining “relatable” or informative, useful stuff in their posts


  • when you receive death threats, hate messages, messages that disrespect you as an individual (make sure you have receipts in case you have to report them to the authority)
  • liars who made you believe that they love you but actually fucked you up

This, of course, is just my opinion, and you don’t have to follow my advice. Hope this helped.

What are your thoughts?

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