A Night at Cafe at Sunset

Update: Cafe at Sunset is now closed.

Two years ago, I have discovered this cafe called Cafe at Sunset in Brookside Hills Subdivision, Cainta, Rizal (just a ride near my home). I decided to take a peek (1) if it still exists and (2) how it looks like now.


If you’re coming from Antipolo, Tanay, etc., you can ride basically any of the public transportation going to Quezon City or Ayala. If you’re coming from Sta. Lucia or Junction and beyond, ride Angono/Binangonan Hiway or Antipolo Simbahan. Tell the driver to drop you at Brookside Hills. You will immediately locate Cafe at Sunset since it’s in the second floor of the Rublou Building.


The place is still fairly neat, but the wall near the door needs some renovation. They decorate their interior based on the month’s “theme” (Valentine’s for February, summertime for March, Halloween for November, and Christmas for December). Otherwise, they stick with an orange palette, hence the name of their cafe.

They don’t have a comfort room inside, but there’s one outside. They don’t have WiFi, but they have outlets . . . and they’re open until 11 p.m. (Good news for me!)


I ordered their home-made pesto (Php 145.00) and iced mocha (Php 120.00). Their pesto tastes unique, somewhat bitter and salty. I rate both a 7/10. I hope they could make better coffee though.

I was actually looking forward to their mini cakes, but they weren’t available the time I was there. I recommend their cakes for sweet-toothed individuals like me. My brother took a picture of one of their mini cakes a long time ago. This one’s a 9/10.

Favorite Picture

Cafe at Sunset
8:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m.
Rublou Market Place, Ortigas Ave. Ext cor Sunset Dr. Brookside Hills Subd

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