Jamie’s Cakery and Kitchen for Your Pastel Feed

I’ve been looking for pastel cafes in Rizal in the internet and found Jamie’s Cakery and Kitchen. Although it’s not technically a cafe (because it does not serve coffee), I decided to take a look on this so-called cute establishment.


Ride any jeep going to Singer, Taytay. Walk a few steps and you’ll see a line of tricycles. Tell the tricycle driver to drop you at Jamie’s (Php 25.00). However, you may choose to walk from Tropical Hut to Jamie’s.


We ordered bacon carbonara (Php 90.00), Oreo milkshake (Php 110.00), vanilla meringue cake (Php 45.00), cordon bleu meal (Php 90.00), and unicorn tears (Php 40.00).

The cordon bleu meal and the oreo milkshake did not disappoint me. I would rate both a 9/10. The bacon carbonara tastes usual, so I would rate it an 8/10. Unicorn tears is a colored lemonade drink, I think. It’s really sour with a sweet aftertaste. This one’s a 9/10. Really affordable tasty stuff!

Given that their name has “cakery,” I really had high expectations on their cakes. The icing on their vanilla meringue was sweet, yes, but overall, the cake itself was dry, and its texture was coarse. I hope they would improve on this.


The place is filled with pastel: tables and chairs, pictures, walls, and ceiling. I loved the ornaments pasted on one wall—my favorite part of the establishment.

However, the walls needed repainting (or at least they could have put the same amount of paint throughout the wall). The ornaments in the ceiling didn’t work too well for me. While they’re cute, you could see clear tapes and dusts (not an impressive sight). It would be better if they would paint the ceiling with some unicorns or something.

They “padlocks” outside, which seemingly copies the love locks in Pont des Arts bridge, do not fit the theme. I was looking forward to the decorative light outside (which, based on what I’ve seen, changes from time to time), but it didn’t shine on us (LOL) that day.

Though it’s really small, they were able to use all corners of the establishment. Ten people can fit inside (while maybe a group of five outside). I was not able to ask for a comfort room, but from what I’ve seen, they have none.

They neither have WiFi or outlets. Definitely not a place to work on something but a place to catch up with your friends.


Jamie’s Cakery and Kitchen
3:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m. (closed on Mondays)
Ricor apartment, E. Rodriguez Ave., Taytay, Rizal

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