Maybe some of my students have watched that game, thinking it’s all right to gang up on someone because “eh siya naman kasi nag-umpisa” or “di naman kami nanguna.”

“Ganyan talaga ang basketball.” “Ganyan talaga sa Pilipinas.” “Ganyan talaga sa sports.” “They just showed brotherhood.” No. Well, at least we should know it shouldn’t be like that. It shouldn’t be a culture. Many gangs (and you know, fraternities) have used that “brotherhood” to gang up on someone . . . unfortunately, some even led to death.

“Pinapakita lang namin na hindi kami na-bu-bully.” So to show someone that you can’t be bullied, you . . . also fight them with your fists?

“Dinepensahan lang namin siya.” Defending someone is different from getting revenge, Felicia.

And hey, news flash! You can actually stop the fight without joining the fight.

Just my two cents. Who am I anyway? Sa Twitter ko lang naman kasi ako nakanood at wala ako sa personal. I was just once a teacher, wondering if my former students have watched that.

What are your thoughts?

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