Ant-Man and The Wasp Movie Reaction

So one, I’m replacing “movie review” with movie reaction since I’m not reviewing them anyway. I’m reacting on them. There is no critical analysis whatsoever involved in my blogs about movies.

Two, I liked Ant-Man and The Wasp. And before my not-so-spoiler-free reaction: watch it to know why Ant-Man was not in Infinity War. So now there is only one question left—I need to know where Hawkeye is. And maybe this would be answered in Captain Marvel. Hopefully.

Also, why does Ant and Man be separated with a hyphen though? Why can’t it be like Antman?

Spoiler alert. Please don’t read beyond this line if you haven’t watched the movie.

I had to recall why the scene was like that in the beginning until I heard about about “he drew the Cap on the walls.” I was wondering why it was only Ant-Man who was locked away until, again, I remembered that during Infinity War, those who were in Cap’s side were in hiding.

The characters were still consistent. The humor that was Michael Pena, Luis in the movie, was still there. Actually, besides the action, I love Marvel movies because of their humor . . . and the kind of humor displayed in the first movie being consistent throughout the franchise. The magic thing was unnecessary for the plot but was necessary for the development (was that . . . a development?) for the funny FBI agent.

That “Did you want to grab dinner” really got me. Haha!

I had a few questions though. How did Hope’s mother survive the realm without eating? Thirty years, bro. Would being in the quantum realm mean forgetting how to eat? And maybe forgetting human stuff like, you know, having menstruation and excreting? Well, apparently, as she said, “evolution.”

What I liked best about the film was Ghost. A human with an anomaly due to quantum problems seems a good concept . . . and a prequantum (I don’t know how to describe it) human with godly powers healing such an anomaly.

I don’t know why we keep on reminding viewers to NOT LEAVE AFTER THE SCENE-YOU-THINK-IS-THE-LAST-BUT-IT-ISN’T. Excited for Avengers 4 (internal screaming).

9/10. Must watch.

What are your thoughts?

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