Cafe Flafe: Coffee Plus Flowers

Ortigas is known as a business-center district, and within it are well-known restaurants, bars, and cafes. If I had not searched in Google Maps, I wouldn’t have known Cafe Flafe, a Korean-owned cafe located in Grand Emerald Tower.


It’s actually walking distance from Robinsons Galleria. Walk along ADB Avenue and look for Garnet Road. Go straight ahead and look for Grand Emerald Tower.


I was surprised with their menu. They only offered bingsu, tea, and coffee, whereas I expected kimbap, noodles, and others based on their menu in Zomato. I just ordered their bestseller, injulmi bingsu (Php 200.00). I am not a bingsu fan, but it tasted fine, a 7/10. Though for the price, I must say, it’s a bit expensive.


The cafe is small as expected, but I liked their neat couches, square tables, brick walls, and flower decoration. I’m not sure if it’s a flower shop though. (After all, it has a sign that says they do.) However, when a Korean woman wanted to buy a bouquet, the kitchen crew said they didn’t sell flowers.

They didn’t have a comfort room, and I was not able to ask if they had WiFi. There’s an outlet though.

Favorite Picture

Cafe Flafe
9 a.m.–8 p.m.
Unit 118, Grand Emerald Tower, Garnet Rd, San Antonio, Pasig

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