Buy Bust Movie Reaction

I still can’t get over Buy Bust. I have to immediately write all my feelings  before they get lost again in my drafts folder.

Warning: Please don’t read the texts below if you haven’t watched Buy Bust. And why haven’t you watched Buy Bust? Go buy a ticket right now.

  1. A woman action star in the Philippines . . . and it’s Anne Curtis-Smith. I was surprised since I was used to her quirkiness in It’s Showtime. But you’ll see a different Anne here, definitely far from what I know. My respect for her acting prowess from Sid and Aya to Buy Bust has definitely doubled.
  2. The production design was impressing; the concept was one of a kind.
  3. I felt cold throughout the movie because of the use of rain. I’ve heard they had a hard time during the taping because of this, but boy was it super effective.
  4. Team Alpha was diverse, but that makes them complement one another so much. I loved each one of them, even the ones who got separated early. I loved Santos’s (Mara Lopez) character, actually, even for the short time she was on screen.
  5. The antagonists were so effective. I don’t want to spoil everything here, but damn. And that “Malinis ang mga kamay ko” line never had been eerie for me not until I watched this movie.
  6. The whole Gracia ni Maria! I don’t know where Erik Matti got these talented individuals (and the concept of having such community). I get their sentiment though—their want to end the war by such means.
  7. The fighting scenes were heart-stopping. There was a bit of gore as if I were watching Kingsman: The Secret Service but way more, more intense. And I don’t know, the knife stabs sound effects were addicting, for a lack of better term. My favorite was Anne Curtis’s rooftop scenes and Brandon Vera’s one-man team fight.
  8. Erik Matti is doing his job as a director, directing movies not only with quality but also with relevance. I applauded immediately after Anne’s last line—convincing and powerful.

I am rating this movie a 10/10. A must-watch, relevant, and powerful film. Excellent is an understatement, and I didn’t even know which one to tackle first. Much like my enthusiasm for Respeto and Patay na si Hesus, please, please, please watch Buy Bust.

What are your thoughts?

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