My Go-To Cafe: Cafe Caudal

Update: Cafe Caudal is now closed.

I posted one about Cafe Caudal last April 18, 2018, but I wasn’t able to give details about it.

One of my go-to cafes is Cafe Caudal, a cafe just a few minutes away from Taytay Palengke, SM Taytay, and—most especially—my mom’s grave in Mt. Zion.


Ride a jeep to Taytay Bagong Palengke (Angono or Binangonan Hiway will do). Walk a bit and check out C. Gonzaga, the first building you’ll pass by. It is really easy to see since it’s in the first floor.


Their cakes are to go for—or at least the oreo cheesecake (Php 130.00) that I always order.  Their iced-blended Nutella coffee (Php 150.00), however, tasted ordinary.

I also tried their flat tops cheesecake. My, they really make good cakes. Definitely 10/10. I haven’t tried other food in their menu though.


The place was far from the first time I went here. This is how it looks without a holiday theme, focusing on red and black. I would go for the food and the silence the cafe offered. Plus, their cafe is really near my home.

Their WiFi works fine, but they don’t have a comfort room inside the cafe itself.


Cafe Caudal
9 a.m.–11 p.m.
First floor, C. Gonzaga Building, Manila E Rd, Taytay, Rizal

2 thoughts on “My Go-To Cafe: Cafe Caudal

  1. This is my go-to cafe, too! Free parking, affordable coffees, chill vibes. Mabait na staff <3 They have their washroom for their staff, sometimes, we ask if we can use it. Hehe. They agree naman. I hope to see you here. Huhuhu. (Stalker/reader since Wattpad days.)


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