Enough of MD on My Feed

Muting the name “Michelle Dy” is one of the best decisions I made today (today lang because I make shitty decisions from time to time haha). I am not her most vocal critic, but it’s weird that I don’t know her until someone tweeted about her.

Anyway, I can’t say I dislike her vlogs because I haven’t watched any. But the thing is I don’t agree with her political stance. And that’s it. That’s why I’m not watching her vlogs. I am not going to be a supporter of a Marcos apologist. Once I learn that you are a Marcos or Duterte or Trump apologist, no matter how well followed your profile is, I can’t and won’t support your content.

And don’t be afraid to do that. You are not childish. It’s a form of protest. (A gentle reminder to boycott NutriAsia products. I really hope NutriAsia would be more sensitive to their employees’ needs.)

Her recent tactless post made me even more dislike her, even without viewing her content. (But I agree with what most have said. She could have probably posted the usual “mind your own business” than “mind your own pimples and acne, so watch my next vlog so you could be this fresh.” Let’s all be responsible about what we post.)

But it’s not her political stance that I am muting her name. I repeat, I haven’t watched any of her vlogs. I am muting her because it forces me to care more than what I know. Do you get me? Parang chismis culture ba. I don’t like her political stance, and that should be it. Her quarrel with another beauty vlogger should be none of our business.

I am not entirely sure why I am writing this, maybe because I’d like to remind everyone that unfollowing is okay, that muting is okay, especially if it’s for your well-being. I, however, still keep “depressing” posts, not to depress myself but to remind me to be empathetic all the time.

To summarize all this, here’s a recent (very recent, in fact) tweet from the Artidote:


What are your thoughts?

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