Your Tita’s Fave: Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew

Wanting to taste all instagrammable restaurants in Kapitolyo, we tried Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew. Japanese restaurants would usually be my first choice when going out to eat and last would be Filipino (since I believe my parents can cook such hehe), but these days, I tried to explore different dishes. And Tittos did not disappoint me.


From the east, ride any Crossing jeep and tell the driver to drop you at Kapitolyo. You have to cross until you see Starbucks Capitol Commons. You may cross a pedestrian lane to Ministop, then walk to Mercury Drug, and then cross until you see Andok’s. There is a line of green tricycles there. Tell the driver to drop you at Tittos. If the driver doesn’t know the name Tittos, tell him, “16 East,” which is the exact address of the restaurant.

However, the ride costs Php 21.00, no matter the distance. I suggest that you walk straight ahead and take the corner when  you see the East Drive sign. Tread that path until you see Tittos. It’s an easy find, no worries.


The place has Coco vibes in it. Outside is actually a mural that looks like one of the characters in Coco. There are colorful murals inside too, though my favorite was the wall designed with colorful windows.

It was fairly neat, and they have good customer service. Unfortunately, since I was there for dinner, I was not able to check if they have WiFi or if they have a bidet in the comfort room.


We ordered a medium-rare 18 hours gaucho steak (Php 550.00), steak burritto (Php 295), Tittos iced tea (Php 95.00), and A&W root beer (Php 60.00). I was expecting the food to be pricey, but really, all of it were worth it.

I remember liking their steak burrito, a 9.5/10 for me, and their gaucho steak, a 9/10 for me. Their gaucho could have had the same 9.5 rating, but I had a difficult time chewing some parts of the meat.

For more of their menu, check their Zomato profile.

Favorite Picture

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew
11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
16 East Capitol Drive, Pasig City

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