Mathematics Education or Creative Writing: Practicality versus Passion

See, I love writing and math. I have a bachelor’s degree in secondary education major in math, and I have been writing stories since 2012.

However, I am convinced that my love for writing is greater than teaching math after discovering that I feel giddy when I think about studying creative writing to hone my skills. I am not too confident with my writing skills yet, but I know I have stories to tell. My dream romance novel is set in the Philippines, mixed with revolution, empowered women, and woke youth, but I have to research more to deliver it well . . . that’s why I want to learn more about it. My excitement grew after reading the course requirements. And isn’t that the real deal? You want to invest in studying not only because you like to immediately get a job after you graduate but also because you want to deepen your understanding about the course you have taken? It wouldn’t be easy, I know, but the thing is, I’m excited.

But. There’s always a but.

I’m not getting any younger. I’m already in my late twenties, and I know I have to find a job that could feed a family. I couldn’t just skip jobs to see if I fit there.

My current job is fine. I am very much confident with my editing skills now that I am knowledgeable in using different style guides, but the stress of commuting and the 3,200-word-per-hour quota are eating me (you could read about it in my other blogs). I am considering teaching math again, though there are certain “freedoms” (such as getting a tattoo, coloring my hair, and posting opinions publicly) that most schools are wary of . . . and I kind of enjoyed these after exploring jobs outside of teaching.

When I found an opening for a math specialist, I went to see the qualifications. Of course, I had a math-related degree, given that I graduated with a major in math. While it doesn’t say that I have to take master’s, sooner or later, I know it would be practical to take one if I want to “step a level higher.”

I have always wondered if I have “wasted” my parents’ money by studying four years of education only to desire a nonteaching job or furthering a noneducation degree. It’s only human to change ambitions, but the future is scary. I know I can’t just yolo all the time, especially with people I will be concerned with.

I would very much appreciate any suggestions (about my future). A virtual hug will also be fine.

What are your thoughts?

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