For the Love of Red Neon Lights: Lazy Bastard

If you’re wondering where the “Long Live Bacon” sign on a brick wall is, it’s in a restaurant in Makati called Lazy Bastard.

Great name, right?


If you’re coming from the east (Antipolo, Cainta, etc.), ride an Ayala FX and tell the driver to drop you at Buendia. (If you’re from Cainta like me, that’s Php 45.00.) Walk backward until you see McDonalds. Turn right until you see a Mercury Drug then Jupiter Street. Walk along Jupiter Street and watch out for Galaxy Street. If you see a sign that says “Bacon & Burgers This Way,” that’s where Lazy Bastard is.


Only three tables, a counter, and several stools are inside the “exposed” Lazy Bastard. The most Instagram-worthy here is the “Long Live Bacon” sign that gives the small place the red neon vibe.

However, there’s another room (seemingly hidden) where they serve drinks and all that. You have to go there if you want to go to the comfort room (they don’t have a bidet).


I am not a huge fan of burgers and sandwiches, but I tried Lazy Bastard for something different. We ordered honey parmesan dog (Php 240.00) and bacon cheeseburger (Php 260.00).

For something that tastes ordinary (both a 7/10 for me), it’s pretty expensive. I really wanted to try Cheesus Crust just because of its witty name, but it’s worth Php 550.00, so maybe next time.

Favorite Picture

Lazy Bastard
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.
22 Jupiter St. Corner Galaxy, Makati

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