Buy Happiness in a Cup in Elait Ice Cream Shop

I have loved ice creams ever since birth. It is my go-to and comfort food for all emotions. I have tried different ice cream shops and stands, but Elait is one of a kind. I’ve been here last July 3, 2018; while this seems to be long overdue, I schedule posts, so this should have been posted next week. However, I decided to post this now as this is a timely issue.

Of course, hi, Asst. Sec. Mocha Uson. If you have little decency left, please resign. You may be good at something, but that is not responsible information sharing, not being a good public servant, and most especially, not being an instrument of peace. Having a disability is a challenge, and people with the right mind need not be reminded of that; more so, people with a good heart empathize with them. Please do not make them a laughing material.


There are many Elait branches, but the one I’ve been to is located at the third floor of Ayala Malls the 30th. If you’re from the East, just ride a jeep with a Crossing signboard and tell the driver to drop you at Ayala Malls the 30th.


Elait occupies a small area shared with another waffle store, if I remember it right. Their blue-green (or is it green-blue?) wall, the gears and screws on its logo, and other ornaments were pleasing to my pastel-lover eyes.

What differs Elait from all the ice cream shops I’ve been through is their staff—they have hearing impairments. But even so, there were posters and signs around that can teach you American sign language and basic expressions, such as “thank you.”

My heart is always grateful for shops like Elait that hire people with disability. May the universe bless you with more kindhearted customers as well.


For only Php 150, I was able to make one myself, and I’m proud of it. Mine consisted of the following:

  • Base – Custard
  • Mixers – Oreo and Nutella
  • Toppings – Almonds and chocolate shards
  • Drizzle – Condensed Milk

I actually like this more than their custard chocolate overload that costs Php 140.

Check more of this here.

Elait Ice Cream Shop
3rd floor, Ayala Malls the 30th, 30 Meralco Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig

What are your thoughts?

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