Eyegasm for Symmetry and Philippines’ Biodiversity: Visit National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History was opened to the public last May 18, 2018. Seeing the pictures, I was immediately captured by the beauty of its architecture. Last September 1, 2018, I was finally able to go, and it seemed as if I were on a field trip for a requirement in biology.

Important Notes

  • This is absolutely free.
  • You cannot eat inside, so make sure your stomach is full.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking.
  • Go as early as you can. You will see that at 12 p.m., a line is starting to form outside. Visitors here go by buses and groups, so better be early, especially if you want some spots to yourself.
  • You cannot bring your bags inside the museum for safety purposes. Bring what you need: wallet, cell phone, and camera.
  • Start from the second floor (where the entrance is) as you enter, go down to the first floor, take the elevator all the way up to the last floor, and then tour around the museum until you reach the last floor again. This way, you will be able to conserve energy.

A Glimpse of Their Architecture

I am into symmetry, so the museum’s layout is an eyegasm to me. The trunk of the “Tree of Life” holds the museum’s elevator, as its leaves serve as the museum’s dome. What I loved about the museum, as stated above, was the symmetry displayed in their stairs, windows, and passages, giving a more dramatic atmosphere.

What’s Inside?

The Museum of Natural History spotlights our country’s rich biodiversity since time recorded—from our rainforests to the marine realm. These are my favorites from the museum, which includes “Lolong,” the largest crocodile in captivity.

Favorite Picture

National Museum of Natural History
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Padre Burgos Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila

What are your thoughts?

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