An Idea

“How can you ignore those who did you wrong?”

“I don’t . . . actually ignore them. I make them the antagonists in my novels and let my readers hate for me.”

“You are a sadist.”

“I know.”

“At least you don’t kill them.”

“I’m actually planning to write a suspense-horror story where the protagonists’ names are all those who made my life . . . challenging. Yes, challenging but not miserable. I won’t give them that honor.”

“And you’ll kill them all?”

“Who knows? I’m not yet sure. Depends on my mood.”

“So like . . . ‘Yeah, I’m super angry right now, so I’ll kill her. Chop her head.'”


“And because you are the peachxvision, people will believe that it is a love story.”

“Click bait.”


“Just kidding. I would be the first to scream while writing. I might end up not finishing it at all.”

What are your thoughts?

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