Coloring September with Peach: MIBF 2018 and Wattpad Dinner for Writers and Ambassadors

c/o Summit Media, Pop Fiction

September had been a busy month for me, given all the planned getaways and other responsibilities I had to deal with. However, I enjoyed attending events as a Pop Fiction author and a Wattpad writer, all thanks to Candy Mag’s creative corner, which was my first platform to share my stories online.

Last September 15, in the event of typhoon Ompong, I had a book signing at SMX from ten in the morning to noon, with Marco, Barbs, Kei, and Camille. Check my vlog below.

While I was not able to enjoy the MIBF that much, I was able to take pictures on the way home. Ako pa ba ang uuwi na walang picture?

On September 29, I was also invited to a dinner for Wattpad writers and ambassadors, still at SM MOA grounds. I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet authors whom I only know online. Check my vlog below.

I had no pictures during the event because I was too shy to ask someone (I had two but they were blurred) and I was busy taking videos. Luckily, I was able to have my pictures taken before the event, featuring my new wallet that I bought at Robinsons Galleria for only Php 100.

I never thought my stories would reach this far. All thanks to those who have been supporting me and my stories since 2008. Never got to meet the person who inspired me though (Ate Shrewshrew), but I’m still hoping that I’d be able to thank her personally.

Favorite Picture

Taken in Cubao on my way home from SM MOA after the book signing

What are your thoughts?

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