It Is Literally Raining Cats and Dogs in Bengal Brew and Wolf and Bear Cafe

Upon going home after the Manila International Book Fair, I passed by Bengal Brew and Wolf and Bear Cafe. I stayed outside, delightfully watching the dogs play with the people inside. I swore to go in the next day. Tomorrow is a good day to die, I thought, maybe after hugging all these dogs.

The next day, I was more than excited to meet them and wore socks to lessen expenses. Just a tip though: Their fur and smell can stick to your clothes. Bringing an extra shirt is advisable.

I availed of the Php 299 entrance fee plus a Php 100 membership fee reusable for one year. This means I will only pay Php 299 the next time I go here.

The Php 299 entrance fee is inclusive of your choice of drink, snack, and a two-hour stay with their dogs and cats. You may choose to pay Php 199, but you only have an hour instead of two. You may choose how to manage your time though. We decided to stay for an hour in each.

Before entering, they will make you sign a waiver. Make sure you read it thoroughly. I remember that the waiver mentioned about the cafe being created not for selfies but for dog and cat lovers alike. It is important not to disturb them during their rest, and it would be better if you let them come to you than you coming after them . . . for safety purposes.


Ride any transportation going to Cubao. It’s just a walking distance from Farmer’s Plaza (this was my starting point), Ali Mall (for people in the east commuting via jeep), and Gateway (for people in the east commuting via LRT2).

I added the maps here. As you can see, going via LRT 2 is way easier.

Bengal Brew Cafe

Bengal Brew has dozens of bengal cats. Bengal cats are a hybrid of Asian leopards and domestic cats. As I have observed, they are larger than domestic cats but smaller than wild cats, although they have the physical features of the latter.

There was one cat though (or I’m not sure if the other sleeping cat was of the same kind too, the one guarding the comfort room) was not a bengal cat but rather an African serval cat. They are actually wild cats, but since they were allowed in the cafe, I guessed they were tamed.

Bengal Brew Cafe is like a huge play place for cats, except that there is no grass. The walls are decorated with greens planted in bottles though. Their comfort room is inside Bengal Brew Cafe too.

Wolf Bear Cafe

Here goes my real purpose: to cuddle with the dogs of Wolf Bear Cafe. They contain all my dream dogs: the Siberian husky, Alaskan malamute, Akita inu, teacup pomeranian, samoyed, and golden retriever.

The first floor contained all the large dogs. Besides the ones I have mentioned above, they also have a greyhound, Newfoundland, St. Bernard, and Old English sheepdog. Most of the dogs were resting, so I was only able to play with the golden retriever and the Siberian husky.

The second floor contained all the small dogs, including the teacup pomeranian and the akita inu mentioned above. The akita inu was awake but a bit shy. The teacup pomeranian was charming and lovely, the only dog that went to my lap.

There’s nothing really particular about how Wolf Bear Cafe looked though (or maybe I was used to them already). I was surprised to see them sleepy and unresponsive (unlike the dogs in Barkin Blends), but the caretaker said they were more awake at night.


I was surprised to see the limited selection of food. I have read blogs about Bengal Brew and Wolf and Bear Cafe with various flavors of cakes and drinks. However, when we were there, we were only offered four drink flavors and two kinds of chips.

To be honest, it was okay and maybe business-wise. People go there to pet dogs and cats, the food was just extra.

They served drinks in tumblers (very eco-friendly, yey) and chips in small containers. Their macchiato and latte were both decent—an 8/10.

Favorite Picture

Siberian Huskies, My Bias

Bengal Brew and Wolf and Bear Cafe
12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Manhattan Parkview, General Malvar Ave, Cubao, Quezon City

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