PLDT Does Not Care

This is just a short blog dedicated to PLDT. Yup, and this one’s a rant as all of you would have guessed.

Recently, around the last week of October, we downgraded—yes, downgraded because their service sucked big time—to PLDT home fiber. It was doing okay until the first week of November (imagine, it did not even last a month) when we experienced intermittent connection. My father called PLDT to resolve the issue. I’m not sure how many times, but I knew it was notonce.

And here we were again. A week ago, we experienced yet another inconvenience. You all know that I often work from home, so this all internet fiasco was a big problem to me. I use my mobile data just to get through the day. Upon calling PLDT, we learned that some parts in Rizal were really experiencing problems with PLDT connection. We waited until today for this to be fixed.

Today just when I thought everything was going well, it happened again. My father is tired of repeatedly asking their help, only to be temporarily resolved. I am frustrated, and all that I wish for was a stable internet connection to work productively.

What are your thoughts?

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