View the Ortigas Skyline at Sky High Bar

Who wouldn’t love skylines? Of course, acrophobics. But that aside, if you are in Pasig who wants some good wine and a romantic skyline view, Sky High Bar may just be a fitting place for you.


For Rizalenos, ride any Crossing Ilalim jeepneys and tell the driver to drop you off at Kapitolyo. Cross the pedestrian lane toward Ministop and Shakeys and look for the line of green tricycles. Tell the driver to drop you at Ace Water Spa (Php 28). It’s on the twenty-first floor. No need for a card. You may also opt to use Google Maps and walk if you want to save money.


I couldn’t say much about the place except that it is one of those bars where you could enjoy Ortigas skyline. For picture-taking purposes, maybe 5:30 p.m. would be a perfect time to go, just in time for the pink and orange sky. Unfortunately, it’s not a 360-degree view anymore because of a newly constructed building higher than the Ace Hotel building.


We ordered Southern Fried Chicken (Php 360), Sizzling Osso Buco (Php 390), and I had Strawberry Blossom (Php 165) for my drink. I enjoyed their southern fried chicken, especially the fries that came along with it (9/10). Their sizzling osso buco was very, very tender as if it was cooked in a pressure cooker in a day. We loved it so much (9/10).

Beware of the strawberry blossom though (9/10). Since it has a mix of gin and vodka, my god, by all means, order this and be tipsy in a few gulps (or maybe because I don’t drink beer anymore).

Favorite Picture

Sky High Bar
5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
21st Floor, Ace Hotel, Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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