Support Your Artist Friends by Paying Them

Support your artist friends by paying them, not by asking them to draw you something for free.

I asked a friend to make a logo for my pen name. I knew he was capable and, more than that, accessible. When I told people that I paid for him, they would ask me how much. But sadly, their reply to my answer would be “Isn’t that too expensive?” “You should’ve asked if he could do it for free.”

I had to tell them that I consulted another artist friend on how much should I pay a digital artist for a logo and that I wouldn’t ask this person to create this logo for me if (1) I didn’t have the budget and if (2) this wasn’t my priority. But I planned for this long ago and saved for it; besides, this was the first step to start a merch which I would earn from (and plan to donate a portion of it to a group of passionate people). That aside, this mind-set of “they’re my friends; therefore, they should give what I want for free” should stop.

If it were that easy to make a logo, I would have done it by myself. So yes, if you support your artist friends, pay them well, negotiate if you must. Often they would be shy to set a price for you, but if you’re a real friend, you wouldn’t take advantage of it. Research and ask for other artists.

As a published author, I would often hear, “Pahingi naman ng copy.” It doesn’t even come as a request but a demand. In actuality, those whom I consider real friends never asked me for one. They, in fact, bought one even though I had a copy for them. Kilig, di ba?

Anyway, this is just me, dismayed by the comment “I don’t know how artists work, but I won’t pay that much.”

What are your thoughts?

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