A Cafe for Titas of Rizal: 14 Four Cafe

Of course, I’ve been here too many times but not with my baby pentax. I haven’t written a blog about them before, and I know it’s already “late for their limelight,” if you know what I mean, but nothing is too late for a tita, right?


I can’t believe I’m friends with two hearthrobs. Nagmukha akong cockroach noong kasama ko sila.

I was here to meet two of my closest friends, DC and GB (yes, their names are abbreviated), to converse about some matters in life. Our last meeting was during my mom’s wake but in separate dates. Truth is, it was scheduled in September, but because I had too many deadlines, I postponed it and promised to treat them the next time. DC rescheduled it on October 21, and I quote, “Kapag si DC ang nag-set, natutuloy.”

Well, takot ko na lang. Haha.

DC is that masungit friend. But don’t fret. She’s loyal and trustworthy, someone who could bring your secrets to her grave. Although she would reprimand you for the things you shouldn’t have done with statements such as “So tingin mo maaawa ako sa ‘yo?” (hahaha I will never forget this, she’s that honest), she who would still listen to your story without butting in (and I really, really appreciate her for this). I had a crush on her when I was in first year high school (and many followed suit).

GB, on the other hand, is this akala mo tahimik pero mapangasar friend. I call him lolo for reasons I cannot remember, and in turn, he calls me lola simply because I’m older than him. We never became classmates, but we became close after his “breakup” with his, and I quote, “first love” who was really close to me. But now he’s happily engaged, and I couldn’t be happier for him. I’m still amazed how we became this close, but I’m not complaining.

While their personalities are different from each other, their company is just what I needed. I couldn’t say this to them right in their faces, but I’ll say it anyway: I love you both.


If you’re from Angono, Binangonan, or Antipolo, ride a jeepney to Crossing or Sta. Lucia/Tropical. If your from the metro, ride either Binangonan or Angono Highway or Antipolo Simbahan (Junction route, not Sumulong Highway). Tell the driver to drop you off at Singer (landmark is Tropical Hut). It’s just a walking distance from there (check Google Maps), but if you suck at maps like me, you can ride a tricycle (Php 20).


Famous for its beautiful furniture and garden, 14 Four Cafe is well known as a venue for prenuptial and debut photoshoots and events, such as birthday parties. Their floral cushions and elegant lamps, not to mention their well-designed outdoor setup, are what people look forward to seeing. However, their place did not seem as lively as the first and second time I went. I was only reminded in my third visit that 14 Four Cafe was only open for three days.


I ordered Amaretto French Toast (Php 190), while my friends ordered Nutella Stuffed French Toast (Php 210) and Crispy Adobo Flakes. Their amaretto french toast still tastes sweet (8/10), but I’ve noticed that it was not as pleasing to the eyes as before.

Favorite Picture

14 Four Cafe
10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Friday to Saturday)
144 Magnolia Lane, Barangay San Isidro, Gregoria Heights Subdivision, Taytay, Rizal

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