A Generation of Reactive People

I am guilty of this.

One characteristic of a living thing is to respond to a stimulus. A reason we laugh when we find something funny. A reason we cry when we feel pain. A reason we react, even to circumstances that do not concern us, mainly because “we have to get this frustration out.” I’m not quite sure of the accuracy in terms of science, but I hope you get what I mean.

An issue comes up, and bam, our brain gathers information; from this information, we build an opinion of the matter. However, publicly stating our viewpoint is up to ourselves. We know that people whose opinion affect a large audience are called influencers, the term speaking for itself. But a clash of opinions, especially online, leads to a chaotic, disorganized discussion, adding salt to injury. Each wants a chance to speak, a chance to be heard, a chance to matter.

Gone are the days when I could peacefully log in to Twitter to rant about traffic and justify how sad I am to live.

For 2019, I plan to limit reactive posts, especially those that do not concern the welfare of society. I have started, actually, by muting posts describing a celebrity’s personal life, seemingly enticing me to judge their decisions and actions as if the consequences were mine to suffer. While this makes room for discussion to be mindful of future events, I have to make sure that I will only do this personallyOnline, only if it is someone whom I have special connections will I state my perspective, but only if they needed it.

What are your thoughts?

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