Living the Magic in Enchanted Kingdom

I remember the first time I went to Enchanted Kingdom. I was in sixth grade with my schoolmates, wearing an orange long-sleeved shirt and pants, bringing nothing else but a small bag, my mom’s 3310, and my pocket money. The experience, along with the movies that I have watched, inspired many scenes in my novels. Undoubtedly, my kiddie hat is on whenever I go here.


  1. I suggest registering in Klook and avail of the Enchanted Kingdom voucher there. It’s cheaper than the regular price (Php 900), and you don’t have to line up. No hassle at all. As of this writing, a regular weekend pass is Php 785, weekday is Php 698.
  2. Wear light clothes. If you’re planning to ride Rio Grande Rapids or Jungle Log Jam, bring an extra shirt, socks, underwear, and shorts. But if you’re the kind to bring a very small bag to trips, you don’t have to worry; there’s a large dryer there if you ever get wet, but as of this writing, it costs Php 150.
  3. You may bring water, but not food.
  4. Opening is 11:00 a.m., closing is 9:00 p.m.
  5. My suggested budget is Php 2,500. This includes a non-Klook ticket, your commute fare, and food.

Directions for Rizal Travelers

Ride a Crossing Ilalim jeep and ask the driver to drop you at Starmall, Edsa. At Starmall, look for PUVs going to Balibago. The fare is around Php 80, and the travel time is around 45 to 60 minutes. Ask the driver to drop you off at Waltermart. Look for a line of tricycles going to Enchanted Kingdom. Fare is around Php 40.

Going home, ride a tricycle going to Walmart. Ride another tricycle, and tell you to drop you off at “FX na sakayan pa-Manila.” Look for PUVs with a Crossing route. Ask the driver to drop you off at Shaw (or Greenfield). From there, look for jeepneys (located at the other side of the Pavilion, the side of Greenfield district with Chowking) going to Rizal (Antipolo, Cainta, Taytay, Angono, Binangonan).


I was only able to ride a few last November, but recalling all my experiences there, I will rank the free rides that are remarkable for me, 1 being my favorite.

  1. Disk-O-Magic. Favorite! Will repeat 10/10.
  2. Anchors Away. Safer than Sky Ranch’s Viking.
  3. Air Race. Didn’t know being upside down was actually fun.
  4. Space Shuttle. Favorite and safest seat will be on the fourth row and nothing else (lower is boring, higher is . . . no way in hell will I ever ride the last two rows).
  5. Flying Fiesta. Chill af.
  6. Rio Grande Rapids. Why is getting wet so fun? Oh . . . wait. Was never the lucky one though.
  7. Fun Kart. A chill version of Space Shuttle.
  8. Wheel of Fate. Guess I’m not too tired of heights. I love skylines and majestic views.
  9. Dodgem. Will never get tired of bump cars.
  10. Up, Up, and Away. So much chill with children and their moms.
  11. Carousel. The langit ka, lupa ako jam. Chill and kind of romantic.
  12. Jungle Log Jam. Why are people not scared riding this? My pictures are always horrifying.
  13. Roller Skater. Just tiring. Least priority.
  14. Rialto. If you have more time to chill, why not? But least priority.
  15. Ekstreme Tower Ride. Only once. Will never ride again. Left my soul somewhere a year ago at its height.

I don’t recommend going to Agila to “seek a thrilling experience.”

At peak hours, you’d be waiting for around 30 to 90 minutes. However, there are dining and shopping areas you’d like to go to as well.

Also be mindful of the following Instagrammable areas:

  1. Brooklyn Place
  2. An area near Space Shuttle
  3. Shops near the entrance
  4. Near the carousel
  5. Five and Dime Dining

Enchanted Kingdom

San Lorenzo South, City of Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Wednesday to Friday (12:00 to 7:00 p.m.); Saturday to Sunday (11:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m.)

What are your thoughts?

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