Villa Jovita: The Bali of the South

Villa Jovita, the “Bali of the South,” is a pool resort in Agoncillo, Batangas, known for their Bali corner and nonchlorinated pools. The resort’s nature vibe made talking a chore. Although there were chitchats by the entrance, other areas were silent, with the sound of the swaying bamboos calming the atmosphere.

Because many people want to experience Villa Jovita’s services, you have to reserve rooms a month (or maybe two) before. Bringing your own food is recommended (they have grills), but if you opt not to, there is a nearby store outside the resort (but no carinderias). Visit their Facebook page for more information.


For Rizalenos, ride an FX going to Ayala/Makati. From Ayala, ride a bus with an LRT/Buendia label and tell the driver you drop at LRT Gil Puyat Station. The DLTB Bus Station is just a walk away (a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant is nearby). Look for a bus bound to Lemery (fare is between Php 220 and 230) and go down at Xentro Mall. There are tricycles that can take you to Villa Jovita (fare is Php 80).


Villa Jovita is known for their Instagrammable Bali corner. I particularly enjoyed their swing; if there were no people in line behind me, I would have stayed there for an hour as this was the closest to flying I have experienced. Others were there for your Instagram feed.

The pools were nonchlorinated, so they looked clear (I was worried about the viruses and bacteria, but really, we were there to swim). The river view made things look more romantic, but the nearer I go to the river, the wilder my imagination becomes. I was afraid that a crocodile or an anaconda might show up and devour me. Haha.


I was not able to take pictures of their food, but their menu was the same as that of a tapsilogan. I tasted their cornsilog, tapsilog, and lomi, and all tasted like what they should be, only more flavorful than others. However, they give little servings (except for their lomi), making the overall order expensive (7.5/10). This small canteen is only open until seven in the evening, so make sure you bring food if you can.

I don’t recommend the “breakfast meal” package. Just prepare your own or look for some other place to eat. The ratio of rice to ulam is 3:1 (I ate little servings of their tapa just so I could finish their rice).

Favorite Picture

Villa Jovita
Agoncillo, Batangas

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