A “Pink Lovers, Unite!” Experience in Pink Bird

Love pink and unlimited Korean barbeque? Pink Bird got it. Employed with very accommodating staff, the newest unli-Korean barbeque place in Quezon City made sure I enjoyed my first time. I was not born for buffets and unlimited rice and meat meals, but as a goer for peach and pink stuff, I decided to try.


Their design stayed true to its branding: walls were pink, chairs were pink, umbrellas were pink . . . even the staff were in pink. Matched with some purple and blue, the whole place was accentuated with yellow bulbs, giving out a Barbie atmosphere. Most of the walls were painted with colorful 2D and 3D murals—a great background for your pastel Instagram feed. A corner had a Japanese vibe on it, with oriental-style room dividers and walls painted with cherry blossoms.

While their comfort room needs a little renovation as it did not seem to be well furnished, it had bidets installed. If you have to pause from eating and give your tummy a little break, then enjoy their free Wi-Fi for a while or take pictures of the place (you have a maximum of two hours to spend anyway).


I have read prior reviews before we went, and I am aware of their so-called poor service. But we had a different experience on a Sunday afternoon: while the food was average, the staff were accommodating. Maybe it was the time of our visit, or the management read the reviews and improved Pink Bird’s services.

Unlike other unlimited Korean barbeque restaurants, the staff of Pink Bird will cook your own meat. In our case, while the food was being prepared, we took pictures of the place, leaving our meat cold (and since it’s our first time, we were shy to ask them if we could reheat the meat). I loved the bacon dipped in cheese, partnered with my rice wet with garlic sauce (I’m not sure what it’s called though, 9/10); however, the beef slices were a bit chewy and difficult to swallow a 7/10.

The side dishes were too spicy for my taste buds (oh god, the first morsel of their soup burned my throat), but my favorites were the marble potatoes and fish cakes. The whole unli menu costs Php 499 per head.

I liked their pink bird milk tea (large costs 110, 8/10); it was not bitter and not too sweet, and it definitely helped in canceling out the burn when I tried to taste the spicy dishes.

Favorite Picture

Pink Bird
Open 24 hours
12 Scout Borromeo Street, South Triangle, Quezon City

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