But Really, Esther, Where Is the Lost Bread?

The first time I heard of The Lost Bread, I thought it was a bakery. But after coming across one stall in SM East Ortigas and knowing that it serves french toasts and its main product are sub-zero milkshakes . . . I now wonder its origin. Why “The Lost Bread”? Did the founder happen to crave a certain taste of french toast and was not able to find it in existing stores and made one? I know some stores are named after their owner, their product, or their mascot, but what is in their name?

I’m really curious. I even searched for their webpage for their history. Nada.

I was able to find the answer in their SM Megamall branch though. Their menu says,

Our name, The Lost Bread, is a direct translation of the French word pain perdu . . . more commonly known as french toast. . . . French bread goes stale, hard or is “lost” quickly. A few hundred years ago, the less fortunate scavenge for these stale bread thrown out by rich families. The bread is soaked in egg and milk before frying, making them easier to chew; thus, the birth of the french toast!

Anyway, there are bigger The Lost Bread stores. I was just enthralled by this particular store in SM East Ortigas because of a story I was writing. When I had the chance, I also visited their Megamall branch.

SM East Ortigas

Compared with SM Megamall’s The Lost Bread, this one’s smaller. But what sets this apart is their beautiful neon mural.

SM Megamall

I haven’t taken a closer look in the menu of their SM East Ortigas branch, but their branch in SM Megamall serves rice meals. Also, the venue is much bigger, hence more seats and more people in the kitchen.


Their ice cream cone and their bestsellers The Carousel and The Carnival cost Php 95, 295, 180, respectively. Though they are all sweet and very instagrammable, I think they are too pricey for desserts. Among the three, my favorite would be The Carousel, but I won’t order it again without anything salty to partner it with.

Favorite Pictures

The Lost Bread
10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Ground floor, SM East Ortigas, Pasig
Fourth Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong

What are your thoughts?

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