Rest in Peace, Christine Silawan

I am writing this because I am bothered by the way she was murdered, not forgetting that murder is already bothersome as it is. It reminded me of the film Smaller and Smaller Circles. According to news reports, her autopsy reveals that her private parts had no recent injuries, meaning she may not have been raped. However, she was left half-naked in a vacant lot.

This leads me to my second point: Why in a vacant, open, grassy lot?

Half of her face was also skinned, exposing her skull, and some of her organs—her right ear, esophagus, tongue, and trachea—were missing. It was as if her murder was intentional, the method a symbol. Why would they take time to rip off specific parts of her body?

These are just speculations, of course. Just hearing about how she was murdered, one would question the criminal’s intentions. She was just a student, a servant of Jesus. Why would any human in their sane mind do this?

We all pray that her family gets justice and the criminals be punished immediately. Rest in peace, Christine. I hope justice will be served soon. Also, please stop sharing the uncensored photos of her lifeless body. Respect her family.

One thought on “Rest in Peace, Christine Silawan

  1. This is so sad and it makes me so mad too. I hope she gets the justice she deserves.

    P.S. She’s also a Wattpad reader and a Kpopper, according to her profile.


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